Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What you should know about your father:

He loves sports – little did you know that men have a retro effect of staying young and keeping childish ways. This is manifested with sporty activities, hobbies, & toys. Dads who are active love ball games. They love to be given complimentary equipment and sporty stuffs. While timid and careful fathers prefer playing board games and a chess board is a perfect gift for them!

He’s a coffee addict – well, supposed he’s not, he still would like to drink “hot” and “strong” drinks. This is a mental booster with psychological effects that a man isn’t man enough when he’s not fond of drinking. So a cup, a mug, or a stylish glass will surely give him a tap!

He’s got some style – it’s innate, a built-in craving for gadgets and looks. Watches and sunglasses are fit for the job. 

He’s a tinker – men love to do carpentry, steel works, handy tasks, crafts, and household projects so giving him the right tools can make him a better man.

He likes to mix humor and groom – put a spice to your present and make him smile but looking good by giving that luxy leathers and a cottony undies!

He loves music – whether a listener or a maker, it’s a prerogative to at least be able to own a music maker. So giving him a guitar or simply a good old fashioned harmonica can cure his ailing thirst for music